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Overhaul / Repair

Located within our manufacturing headquarters, Weldon Pump’s repair station (FAA #2WPR261B) offers repairs and overhauls on PMA pump/motor assemblies, as well as the pump/motor assemblies manufactured by Weldon since 1942.

Utilizing the repair station’s full range of maintenance and testing equipment enables Weldon Pump FAA and EASA certified technicians to provide detailed analysis and extensive acceptance testing on all products, ensuring high quality inspections, repairs and overhauls. FAA 8130-3, Airworthiness Approval Tags are issued with every FAA/PMA product repaired or overhauled.

Weldon offers complete repairs and overhauls on the following Weldon Pump series:

  • 18000 series

  • JC series

  • RH series

  • JL series

  • A/B series

  • E series

  • L series

  • JA series

  • LP series

  • V4 series pump/motor assemblies

  • J series

Weldon Pump Repair Station Address:

Weldon Pump Repair Station Contact:

640 Golden Oak Parkway,

Oakwood Village, OH 44146
PH: (440) 232-2282

Office: (440) 232-2282 ext. 118
Fax: (440) 232-0606

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