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'JL' Series

Current Application

  • Priming/Pressurizing Aircraft, Automotive, and 
    Marine Fuel-Injected Engines



  • Rated Flow: 25 to 45 G.P.H.

  • Rated Pressure: 12 to 45 P.S.I.

  • Temperature Range: -65°F to +185°F

Current Fluids

  • Gasoline

  • Jet Fuels

  • Diesel Fuel

Special Features

  • Positive Displacement

  • Cammed Vane

  • Self-Priming

  • High Suction Lift

  • Extremely Accurate Pressure Relief Valve for Wide Variation
    in Pressure with Minimum Change in Flow

  • 3.25 LBS with 12 or 28 Volt DC Permanent Magnet

  • Explosion Resistant Motor

* Specifications represent a series of unique pumps, NOT a single pump. Please call a Weldon technical

   representative for details.

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