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Hydraulic Pumps

Weldon’s ‘A/B’ and ‘E’ Style Series

Current Applications

  • Fuel for Aircraft Cabin Heaters, Ground Support
    Equipment, Etc.

  • Small Turbine APU

  • Anti-Icing, Hydraulics

  • Lubrication


Current Fluids

  • Jet Fuels

  • Diesel Fuels

  • Hydraulic

  • Alcohol

Special Features

  • Positive Displacement

  • Cammed Vane

  • Single or Double Outlet Ports

  • Small Size

  • 1 LBS 11 OZ with 12 or 28 Volt DC Permanent Magnet
    “Mill-Spec” Type Motor

* Specifications represent a series of unique pumps, NOT a single pump. Please call a Weldon technical

   representative for details.

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